Same Sex Couple Counseling

Same sex couples share many common aspects and problems that heterosexual couples share. The day to day activities of their lives are similar, but what differs is the dominant influence of the heterosexual culture which might influence traditional expectations of gender roles within a relationship or marriage.

As a Couples Therapist I treat lesbian or gay couples in a sensitive way. My Goal is always to increase connection, communication, and understanding as I do with any couple. Everyone wants to love and be loved. I will try to work with negative patterns of family dynamics so both partners feel understood and able to look at each other in positive mindful ways.

Some of the issues that we deal with in same sex couple therapy, are low sexual desire, betrayal, trust issues, jealousy, control, and intimacy issues.

If you are in feeling disconnected in your relationship, Couple Therapy might help you to feel closer, more loving and happier again.

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