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I will answer commonly asked questions about Relationship Therapy.

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What is relationship therapy?

Relationships are complicated, and can be tough for the best of us to navigate. Many times only one in your relationship is open to therapy. Other times you are single and you are having difficulty finding a connected committed relationship. Healthy relationships depend on so many factors to keep both parties feeling satisfied and happy. Relationship therapy was created to help to improve your relationship patterns, and to learn to communicate and express your own needs - without triggering the other individual.

Relationship therapy is counseling that focuses on your relationships, including your behavior, actions and feelings, but only on the person who is coming for the therapy. For many patients, relationship therapy provides a contained and safe environment to explore their feelings about their relationships, identify relationship behavioral patterns, and practice relationship tools.

Relationship therapy includes techniques found in psychotherapy, behavioral therapy and talk therapy, tailored to address relationship issues ranging in intensity.

Who attends relationship therapy?

One-on-one relationship therapy helps you to work on your side of the relationship, so that you can feel better supported by your partners, or find the partners who will make you feel loved and nourished. Alternatively, relationship therapy can supplement couples and marital therapy, giving each member of the relationship an opportunity for one-on-one attention.

Relationship therapy can be used to address any type of relationship, including, but not limited to: couples, spouses, pre-marital counseling, friendships, siblings, coworkers/employees/employers, parent/child, business partners, etc.

When is the time for relationship therapy?

Any time you want to work on your relationships! Some situations, however, may be more urgent than others. Relationship therapy can be critical to ease transitions before, during or after major life cycle events. Examples of major events include the birth of a child, a move, a marriage, or a death in the family.

Please note that major life events can cause tension and even trigger mental illness, including depression, or addiction. If there is a member of your relationship in need of further treatment, I will help to identify underlying illnesses and addictions, and provide a treatment plan or referral. I will assist and support each member of the relationship with the transition.

What can I gain from relationship therapy?

You will gain from relationship therapy as much as you put into it. Long-term, many patients report improved communication, greater clarity around personal needs and boundaries, and increase feelings of personal happiness in their relationships.

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