Low Sexual Desire

What is Low Sexual Desire? One of the most common sexual complaints among couples is a disparity in sexual desire. It usually follows from a place when couples first meet. At the beginning, it is easy to feel hot desire and longing to be physically close to your partner. Your sexual desire was strong and predictable.

After marriage and children, many things change. The time that you had to relax and have sex has dwindled down to working, house cleaning, and child care. All of these pressures sap the energy out of you. Most Couples are happy just to sit in front of the Television just before they drift off to sleep.

If one partner has more of an interest in sex, he or she may feel rejected and unloved. This can cause a disconnect in their relationship. They might feel lonely and sad.

Some couples have trouble talking about their need for sexual intimacy. In Couples Therapy, we discuss different methods of feeling sexually satisfied by expanding the sexual menu. There are many ways to be sexually intimate.

I invite you to my great reading list of books to help you with low sexual desire.

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