Marriage Therapy

You may be visiting my site because you are struggling in your marriage. You may feel lost, overwhelmed, and you not know where to begin.

Don’t worry - I am here to help you.

This page is where I explain the definition of marriage therapy, and my personal treatment practice. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at: 973) 610-1972.

What is marriage therapy?

Marriage Therapy is also known as Couples Therapy. It a type of psychotherapy or counseling specifically designed to help couples become aware of their negative cycles. Couples seem have the same fights over and over again. They seem to be stuck in the same arguments and fights. You may have a temporary reprieve where every thing is calm, but within a few weeks or months, you are back at it again. Marriage therapy gives couples tools to prevent conflict escalation, repeated fights and help couples repair and create more loving relationships.

My marriage therapy approach is rooted in integrative behavioral couple therapy, which has been proven to increase marital satisfaction, lead couples to stronger communication, and produce the most long-term improvements in communication between partners.

Will marriage therapy save my marriage?

Using marriage therapy techniques, I will help you to become aware of the negative patterns in your relationship. I will support you and your partner to create a stronger connection, which includes healing old wounds in your relationship. I am pro-marriage, but the health of my individual patients always comes first. If I see dangerous patterns, we will address them immediately.

How does marriage therapy work?

Our first few sessions will include an assessment period to learn about your relationship patterns and concerns. In a calm and friendly environment (or via Skype), you and your partner will discuss your reasons for coming to marriage therapy, and tell me the story of your relationship.

I will send you both home with two questionnaires that will help me to create a deeper evaluation of your relationship. In our following sessions, we will continue to unravel each spouse’s concerns and history. As we dive into deep reflection, it is important to keep in mind that your relationship conflicts are not your fault; they are old patterns, and I am here to help you to rebuild healthier ones.

By our fourth session, together we will create a verbal assessment of your relationship struggles, the roots of conflict, and potential solutions.

Solutions will include your marriage therapy goals. Your goals may include improving emotional intimacy, sexual intimacy, communication, decision-making, or just having more fun together. If there are old emotional wounds, I will guide you towards forgiveness. We will practice identifying the behavioral patterns that get you stuck, so that you can recognize and break these patterns at home.

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